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Charity centre was registered with the NGO board in Kenya on 30th September 2010 as a non- governmental organisation and is a humanitarian arm of World Revival Evangelistic Ministries(WOREM). We work with vulnarable groups in the slums including orphans, widows, the poor and very needy by providing basic needs and empowering them.


Touching lives of the very poor, the widows and orphans one day at a time and showing them the love of Christ…..James 1:27
Sponsor a child: You can make a difference by sponsoring a child today! …..pictures and profiles for children to come soon…
Empower a widow and needy family: You can help a widow or very needy family in the slums by paying rent or helping them start small businesses with as little as $50


We are praying about putting up a posho mill for grinding corn, purchasing a van for transportation and also constructing classrooms for our schools. We are also working on beds and bedding. You can make a difference by helping fund these projects. We have a new school coming up in Eldoret! Jireh Academy is a few meters down Charity Centre in the slums in Eldoret. We hope to have the children empowered educationally. We need educational supplies and funding to put up classrooms and purchase of desks. We also need funding to support our teachers. This school will serve kids from Charity Centre and also poor kids from the surrounding community in the slums.

Our Vision

Changing lives of the needy, orphans and empowering the poor to be great people in the future. James 1:27

Sponsor a Child

One of the most important ways one can make a Life long difference to a child in our programs is by signing up for child sponsorship. When you sponsor a child you have a personal touch with the kid as they are able to write letters, share picture etc. Just look at the pictures and profiles for the kids on this page and select the one you want to sponsor. Sign up via the PayPal link with your credit card and you will receive a confirmation. It costs only $35 per month to sponsor a child. By sponsoring a child it helps meet with basic needs of the child including food, shelter, education and medical needs. Sign up for child sponsorship here….

High School Education

We have several of our kids now in secondary/ high school. The evarage cost for taking one child to high school is $300 per year. This helps with school fees, uniform and other personal needs of the child. Please, go to our paypal link for general donations and after donating indicate that it is for secondary school fees and you will be linked to sponsor a child that needs to go to High School.


We have several teachers and workers who are so dedicated and serve voluntarily. They have families but dedicated to serve

Widows Ministry

We also work with widows and empower them. They have various projects including farming, keeping of chicken, domestic animals, pottery, weavery etc. You can help a widow start a small business with as little as $50, help them purchase domestic animals etc.